Welcome to Bowerbird House!

Artist Harriet Harker’s design studio featuring illustrations and pattern designs, my inspiration for work comes from the natural worlds flora and fauna.

I have a background in the creative arts (illustration, carnival arts & prop making) but currently work in Horticulture in the glorious outdoors growing trees.

Find me on Spoonflower, Society6, Redbubble, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.



I chose the name Bowerbird House after the incredible Bowerbirds. The courtship of these birds involves the males constructing elaborate structures (or Bowers) and collecting items of many colours to precisely decorate them in the hope of attracting females.

Each bird prefers certain materials or colours making each Bower unique. The Bowers are meticulously maintained by the male to make sure it’s to his liking and very high standard.
And like the Bowerbirds Bower, this blog will be a collection of works and ideas by me from here there and everywhere of work in progress, finished work and products and any other shiny, pretty things worth sharing!




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