Bookshelves Sorted by Colour – Follow Up Post


I posted a tutorial last week from At Home In Love on Colour Coding Books.

I tried it out for myself and am really pleased with results.

For some the very idea of sorting books by anything other than A-Z Authors Surname is paramount to blasphemy! 

But many like myself do not regularly use the books on their bookshelves, for me they’re largely books already read and are now on the shelf to make me look intelligent! So having a non-alphabetised system is fine.

The best tip from At Home In Love I found was to think what colour arrangement I wanted. It doesn’t have to be just rainbow colours, you can have cool and hot colours together and black and white.

One tip I can add was before you start, take a tally of what colours the books you have are. It’s no going for a rainbow effect if you have 15 blue books but only 2 red ones.

I was surprised to see I had mainly black, white and blue books. This was hard to see when all the colours were jumbled together.

I then emptied the shelves and piled the books into their colours (gave me a chance to dust the shelves!). I tried one arrangement which I didn’t like:

The bottom shelf I was happy with but the other two, well it’s hard to tell they’ve even been sorted by colour! I can blame my partners love of Sci-Fi novels for the amount of black books… Need to split them up and add another colour in there.

This is much better, the warm colours on the middle shelf break up the darker books and, well, they add some colour!
I also sorted my DVDs by colour, although I’m stricter with how they’re organised so I had to keep them in their movie genres!

I’m happy with this somewhat more subtle colour arrangement. Again the bottom row is mainly black due to the number of Sci-Fi movies.

The last good tip is to break up the books with personal ornaments. Placing them in gaps is a way to frame them. Also try to colour match ornaments in front of/next to books of the same colour.
So some before and after shots. If anything this exercise has made me tidy up the shelves as they were quite messy before!

I’m really happy how this had turned out. The effect is reasonably subtle on these shelves as many of the books are similarly coloured but it looks a lot more ordered than before. Now to go into the back room and sort out the books in there!

Metallic Dipped Ceramics Effect – Easy DIY 


​Very easy idea to update ceramic vases, pots and bowls. This could be done with other metallic colours: copper, silver, aged gold – I can recommend Rust-Oleum spray paints available at DIY stores. Or can be done with any colour spray!

There may be a follow up post to this as I can think of a couple of bits around the house to do this to!

Tutorial from

Printed Photo Cushions from Photobox – Wonderful Personal Addition To Any Home

In the age of digital photography most people tend to store their photos on hardrives rather than photo albums to be readily viewed. But the age of digital photography has also heralded the age of personalised printed products! But when you only have so much wall space available to hang your favourite photos you have to get creative as to where you can display them. I’ve used Photobox a couple of times before for prints and photo books and wasn’t disappointed. Upon seeing a Sale advertised for printed cushions I thought I’d give it a go!


I chose two favourite photos of my dogs (furchildren). The print quality is excellent and the workmanship solid (even a friend who makes high end cushions for a living was impressed!). I really pleased with these. A great addition to any sofa, bed, window seat, chair or any where you can think to stuff one.

These would make really special gifts too. Take it from me, any pet owner adores their animal to the ends of the earth and would love one of these. Maybe this goes for owners of children too? I wouldn’t know😉

Photobox have regular sales on – Christmas tends to be when their biggest sales are on so you could check back regularly or sign up for email updates from them.

Photobox Personalised Cushion Printing


Sort Books By Colour To Create Easy Focal Point

​Sorting the books on your bookshelves by colours is a super easy and inexpensive way to make the room pop! And create a centre piece and focal point for free using things you already have.
This blog post gives some helpful tips on ways you can do it:

10 Tips for Colour Coded Bookshelves from At Home In Love

Interior Wood Varnish Colour Tints from Valspar – Easy Way To Give Your Home A Quick Shot Of Colour.

After: White walls and grey varnished wood, with less clutter!))

I recently used an Interior Wood Varnish for the first time and was extremely impressed by the results. I used a colour tinted varnish from Valspar (available at B&Q stores) on interior wooden doors and used it to spruce up a wood framed mirror and fireplace surround.

These semi-transparent varnishes are available in 32 colours (bold colours of green, blue, red etc. as well as traditional woody brown colours), and by painting on thinly you get a wood stained effect with the wood grain patterns enhanced and showing through .

The doors I painted were the original Georgian doors from the house which had been stripped back to bare wood by the previous owner of the house. I definitely wanted to keep the doors but the yellowy pine colour was not matching with the more neutral/earthy tones in the rest of the building. I went with a grey tinted varnish to give the wood a vintage aged look.

Original Colour of bare wooden doors. With my grey/white walls and grey floors this really stood out – need to tone it down!

When applying the varnish it’s much better to do several thin layers than fewer thick layers. I made this mistake at first out of impatience and by the time I’d thicked it on the wood grain patterns where covered over in a solid layer of grey. Not what I wanted.

You don’t really need to wait for the full drying time stated (1 hour) to do additional layers, by the time I’d painted the whole door once I’d start again on the second layer as the varnish had dried enough. After three layers I stopped but you can do fewer or more layers depending on how strong you want the colour.


Doors are now the colour of aged Oak.

The results you can see enhance the wood grain pattern. The Before and After photos here are reasonably subtle because of the colour choice, if I had gone for blue or red the difference between would much more staggering!


Full length door, fits in much better with its surrounding now it’s an aged grey.

From a 1 litre tin I painted 4 doors, one fireplace surround and one mirror frame – so it goes quite a long way!

Here is before and after of the fireplace surround and mirror in the newly decorated room:

This process takes little skill to do. Some preparation by a light sanding and masking off areas not to be painted and you’re away. Being water-based makes the cleaning up process much nicer than with usual oil-based wood varnish, no nasty paint stripper for washing.

I’d encourage people to give it a try as it can make a big difference, going for a bolder colour will give a you quirky shot of colour into your home which will have your friends asking after it as they’ll want to copy!


Wall Photo Mural Success!

The Sticker Wall Mount Everest Mural

Having thought of using one of these for a while but put off by the hefty price tags, I was pleasantly surprised with a large Wall Photo Mural I used from The Sticker Wall for £34.99. This Wall Mural was inexpensive, easy to put up and great quality. Any doubts I had before ordering had disappeared one it was on the wall.

I would like to do a tutorial for you but it’s been put up already!  Though I can give some tips.


 Firstly, the rubber squeegee is your friend! This tool makes all the difference.I started without this and had bubbles and crinkles all over the place. I then grabbed an Ikea squeegee from the bathroom et voila! No bubbles, no crinkles, no problem.

Line up each new piece stick placing with masking tape before unpeeling the backing paper. As long as the main lines across the piece are in line other areas can go unnoticed if they don’t match perfectly.


Overall I can highly recommend using on of these Sticker Wall Murals, the quality is superb and putting it up on the wall is surprisingly easy. I’m already planning where I can put up my next one.

Simple Furniture Upcycle


​This simple upcycling idea just featured on Twitters #UpcycledHour. 

The retro coffee table used to fashion a rather sickening Beech effect melamine but with some light sanding and small tester pots of furniture paint I now have a cute and stylish little table to be envious of! 

Modelled expertly here by Ulysses the wooden horse.

Firle Vintage Fair 2016


This weekend I headed down to the annual Vintage Fair at Firle Place in Sussex. It was my first time here and it was chock full of stalls from clothing to sculpture to furniture and all either antique, vintage, retro-styled or handmade goods.

The weather was hot and fine so I had to cool down with a Lavender Gin sparkling cocktail from Gin And Bear Its Gin tent! Hard times indeed!

A couple of stalls in particular caught my eye. First was Coniston Copper Candles who use copper piping and interesting plumbing fixtures to create unique and quirky candle holders. If you’re looking for a stand out centre piece or conversation starter piece then go no further!

Another stall which impressed me was Cranbrook Ironworks who make outdoor living and garden ironmongery pieces. I particularly love the the Fern leaf frongs and running dogs and hares.

One purchase I made was just a little bit of table linen with the most fabulous duck design on it! I intend to turn it into some cushions so tutorial to follow!

When walking around vintage shops and fairs try to see pieces individually as there is often a lot going on and things can blur together or get overwhelming. If you see something you think you like pick it up and place it away from everything else to see it on its own.

Envisage the piece in your home already, where would it go? Does it have a practical use or just decorational? Even better, how could you use it for something other than its intended purpose? The sky’s the limit with that one.